family run for over 25 years...


It all started in 1983 with one man, Graham Eaton a landscape gardener by trade looking to find composts to maintain an tender to his customers gardens. Not satisfied with the results of using the many different products that were available then, Graham went on a mission to find a compost that gave exceptional results.

Not long after he discovered Horse compost through recommendations from fellow gardeners. He was very pleased with the results but always looking for perfection, he went one step further and developed his own!

He made contacts with local riding stables and started to develop the raw horse manure, sterilizing it and composting it down. After continuous testing and alterations, Graham was finally pleased with the product and started to offer it for sale to other local gardeners.

 After receiving such positive feedback from both colleagues and customers, Graham then went on to source, produce and bag other composts and aggregates creating the Country Care range.

Gramham and his team are all made up of family members and very close friends. They are always looking for ways to improve the ranges. We offer the same old fashioned service that we did back in the early 80s, although some things have moved on slightly - Graham now possesses a mobile phone and has learned how to e-mail!

Over the years Country Care have gained an extremely loyal Customer base. We offer exceptional help, service, and advice and always do what ever it takes to keep our clients happy.

Today, after many years and fine tuning, we believe we have the best range of composts currently on the market. We still supply the same nurseries that we did back in the 80s,  nurseries which have now grown into some of the biggest garden center chains in the UK. 

Country Care are also sole suppliers of the composted Eco Recycling range which is one of the fastest growing recycling composts in the UK today. Eco won Business of the Year in 2008 and has the largest recycling centre in the UK to date.

“Every garden centre we have ever supplied agrees that after 6 months our products become one of their biggest sellers’‘   Graham Eaton



If you would like to stock or sample any of our products or wish for a  representative of Countrycare/Eco Range to come and visit you please e-mail
or call 01258 452592.


We are always offering deals and promotions to Garden Centers that stock our Products so please email or call for further details.


If you feel you have any feedback that would benefit the Countrycare team or help us improve our products please let us know.